Jeff San Miguel


Welcome to My World!

A world full of design, creativity, crazy fun and a lot of sleepless nights (mainly due to playing too much Xbox). I am passionate about everything that I do, especially if I am somewhat good at it. I enjoy learning new things and exploring new ventures. Design is everything to me...and it is everywhere for me. I am a diehard GS Warriors, 49ers and SF Giants fan...we still believe! I love sports (not just watching, but actively participating), blockbuster movies (Special Effects are awesome), gaming (CoD, Halo, Street Fighter...just bring it!) and I LOVE, I mean LOVE to snowboard! There should be an official snowboarding holiday, where everyone gets a least one day off a year to go up to the mountains to rip it up. That's me in a NUTSHELL, hope you enjoy my designs and hope to work with you soon!

Link to my Video Portfolio:


  • Desktop Publishing
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • UI Design
  • Multimedia
  • Web Design


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sony Vegas
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Microsoft Office
  • FinalCut Pro
  • Dreamweaver
  • Lightwave 3D
  • Adobe Premier
  • Corel Draw
  • Powerpoint
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Flash